The stable text of Ellis Island is divided into 52 books each containing 12 sonnets of 14 lines each. This page presents a Random Sonnet based on that text. The numerals in the left column of this page indicate book, sonnet, and line numbers that identify the source of each line in the stable text.


13314your loneliness will end when you lower your defenses
733the orchestra of wicked began to bang the banjos
2510supposing i found a wall between us
15312huge convoys carry brontosaur machines from cave to distant cave
11112monumental crustaceans evolved when the sea still filled with lava
491112and we had to start thinking like executives this is what we need to do he said
23102we made italian america into a new india one night in the summer of 93
44106then we learn it was no mountain it was a tin box full of secrets is all it was
14102listening you rediscover certain messages lost during transmission
313a thousand words a minute i can't keep up with them
3027this parable means many italians secretly do worship liberty as well as la patria
1881everywhere they look these fish find coins that bear your image
3712which provides you a neighborhood a club a job a wife
2824when plato and aristotle speak of memory they speak of a restless worm