The stable text of Ellis Island is divided into 52 books each containing 12 sonnets of 14 lines each. This page presents a Random Sonnet based on that text. The numerals in the left column of this page indicate book, sonnet, and line numbers that identify the source of each line in the stable text.


2787is it rejected affection or a frustrated need for support that does this to me
2673now close your eyes he said and turning on the television appeared in a gondola
52113i wished i could have blamed them but i did not hope to feel that i could do so
12910the secret priests come after you with their glowing transmitters
43113under the warm relentless rain pieces broke off and slid down the embankment
918his projects mingle as streams zip neatly together down waterfalls
11210usually they don't hit you but they rock you pretty good going by
1627the old one often stopped at night and needed to be towed
2335a poem in honor of my father must include his tremendous brilliance
35713these recognitions pass through participants like lightning bolts
33310the mystery consists mostly of saying what's this in my eye
6312while dante follows jesus in putting love before and after all
2072paying the bills means closing the gap between you and others
37103each person who enters the americas from abroad slave or free loses some mind