The stable text of Ellis Island is divided into 52 books each containing 12 sonnets of 14 lines each. This page presents a Random Sonnet based on that text. The numerals in the left column of this page indicate book, sonnet, and line numbers that identify the source of each line in the stable text.


1739inside the migricani begin their rituals with the death of jfk
30713where am i going he cries suddenly awake and the mule keeps walking the cut path
36314at the wedding she steps on his foot
1687what you want somewhere approaches you in a dream still
1992getting old you understand the onceness of things
3199i use freedom as a reply even though it requires more skill in use than i possess
3758spy movies vary in rhythm but the plot remains grab your dragon by the tail
19101still a student of placement he becomes himself a place to study
50125a stiffly responding person has good reason to be terrified of his or her shadow
3349chistellˆ the woman down the block sbaglia tutto has it all wrong
81011the hero when he assumes this form begins to form assumptions
16711nonetheless the annual scholarships still get plenty of applicants
2468america or mundus novus flowers everywhere its new londons and romes
4411the window artist slices away moisture with his firm rubber blade