The stable text of Ellis Island is divided into 52 books each containing 12 sonnets of 14 lines each. This page presents a Random Sonnet based on that text. The numerals in the left column of this page indicate book, sonnet, and line numbers that identify the source of each line in the stable text.


4983two hundred fifty six per quadrant of two hundred fifty six quadrants per city
5414anything he tells you is the truth
5064plenty went back to italy but plenty had burned their bridges and could not
4516five sorrowful mysteries agony in the garden what shall i do in america
2218later we leave the movie house for conversation on the stoop
11614no one can tell these from the ones that arise from bubbles below
213i thought before arriving
1878you have an idea of what italian time is and then you meet me
4346a bastard rockefeller came to stay
39510people who say they are looking for the meaning of life often only need new shoes
4357since that time i have been seeking to cure my soul of its hungry sadness
13119each of these will be a step even if it does not seem to go forward
1106and now we have given them the police force to run in fifty cities
40911students of mary baker eddy made her monument a plotted grid of towering pines