The stable text of Ellis Island is divided into 52 books each containing 12 sonnets of 14 lines each. This page presents a Random Sonnet based on that text. The numerals in the left column of this page indicate book, sonnet, and line numbers that identify the source of each line in the stable text.


22612the valleys of your life make a contour map of pleasure and pain
4877postwar peoples live pharmaceutically including those in what used to be italy
1077exchanging places neapolitan songs sounded german
4582in our third roman month we became irretrievably roman ourselves
1547the next step is to rent apartment in art neighborhood and move into it
40810nowadays i speak more softly not to be someone else but to fulfill my own desire
1111on ellis island the stories howl through me like storms
39129we read books about how eternal death would look feel smell sound and taste
201011you walk down the center of the room your arms out balancing sides
151014moves grow so familiar some dancers forget that they're dancing
234the trees shivered in the glittering heat
12512a specific sequence of flowers secures the blessings of guardians
31614fourth produce comedies that summarize and give back the variety of communication
6114when it conceals the shape of a public ambition